asking for a raise in a bad economy

Since the recession that hit the United States a few years ago, most employees have been grateful to keep their jobs let alone getting a pay raise. However, if you feel you deserve a pay raise you should speak to your supervisor about the possibility of it. Although this can be a very daunting task depending on what kind of relationship you have with your supervisor, we’ll provide you with some tips on how to politely discuss the topic no matter how close of a relationship you have with your supervisor.
The first aspect you should consider is what kind of pay system your employer practices. Some employers constantly award their employees for hard work and others pay a strict annual salary and nothing more. If your employer practices profit sharing, bonuses, or another form of income increase then as long as you are a productive employee, your chances of receiving a raise are good. However, if no other employees have ever received a pay raise or bonus, then your chances are very slim.
Another major aspect you need to look into is the financial wellbeing of the company you are working for. The economy is just beginning to slowly rise from the past recession and some companies are not doing so well because of it, so although your employer may want to reward their employees, they may not actually be able to afford to. Do as much research as you can and, depending on your position, you may have a very good idea of what the company can afford to do or not.
To make a strong case to your employer on why you deserve a pay raise, you should sit down and plan out your meeting with your employer prior to the meeting. You should list and memorize all the goals you’ve accomplished personally and for the company and point out all of your skills and assets that you bring to the company. You should also have some numbers in mind because your employer is more than likely going to want to hear a number that you expect to receive. To determine an appropriate number you can conduct research based on your position and see what the national average is. You should also be very prepared to negotiate with your supervisor and be willing to lower your raise; a good way to prep for this is to have a look at negotiation techniques.